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5.1 Where are the documentation files?

Q: I don't see any documentation files....

A: The documentation files are in the info/ subdirectory of your main DJGPP installation directory. You will need a program to read these docs, which are hypertext structured files. You have several choices:

  1. Use the stand-alone Info reader. Texinfo includes INFO.EXE and its docs. Unzip it and type info <Enter>. It will bring up a (hopefully) self-explanatory online help system. Confused? Press <?> to see the list of all Info commands. Still confused? Press <h> to have Info take you on a guided tour through its commands and features.
  2. Use the Info command of your favorite editor.

    If you use Emacs, you already know about Info. (What's that? You don't? Type C-h <i> and you will get the top-level menu of all the Info topics.) RHIDE also has an integrated Info reader, which is the core of its help system.

  3. Use SET's InfView browser. This is a replacement for the stand-alone Info reader from the GNU Texinfo distribution, but with a better user interface. It is written and maintained by Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET), and is the same Info viewer that is part of RHIDE and SETEdit.
  4. Get and install TkInfo, a graphical browser for Info documentation that runs on MS-Windows and uses a port of Tcl/Tk. TkInfo is free and available from the Web.

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