Format of ROM configuration table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	number of bytes following
 02h	BYTE	model (see #00515)
 03h	BYTE	submodel (see #00515)
 04h	BYTE	BIOS revision: 0 for first release, 1 for 2nd, etc.
 05h	BYTE	feature byte 1 (see #00510)
 06h	BYTE	feature byte 2 (see #00511)
 07h	BYTE	feature byte 3 (see #00512)
 08h	BYTE	feature byte 4 (see #00513)
 09h	BYTE	feature byte 5 (see #00514)
		??? (08h) (Phoenix 386 v1.10)
		??? (0Fh) (Phoenix 486 v1.03 PCI)
 0Ah  N BYTEs	AWARD copyright notice
---Phoenix BIOS---
 0Ah	BYTE	??? (00h)
 0Bh	BYTE	major version
 0Ch	BYTE	minor version (BCD)
 0Dh  4 BYTEs	ASCIZ string "PTL" (Phoenix Technologies Ltd)
		also on Phoenix Cascade BIOS
---Quadram Quad386---
 0Ah 17 BYTEs	ASCII signature string "Quadram Quad386XT"
---Toshiba (Satellite Pro 435CDS at least)---
 0Ah  7 BYTEs	signature "TOSHIBA"
 11h	BYTE	??? (8h)
 12h	BYTE	??? (E7h) product ID??? (guess)
 13h  3 BYTEs	"JPN"