Category: BIOS

INT 15 - SYSTEM - GET CONFIGURATION (XT >1986/1/10,AT mdl 3x9,CONV,XT286,PS)

	AH = C0h
Return: CF set if BIOS doesn't support call
	CF clear on success
	    ES:BX -> ROM table (see #00509)
	AH = status
	    00h successful
		The PC XT (since 1986/01/10), PC AT (since 1985/06/10), the
		  PC XT Model 286, the PC Convertible and most PS/2 machines
		  will clear the CF flag and return the table in ES:BX.
	    80h unsupported function
		The PC and PCjr return AH=80h/CF set
	    86h unsupported function
		The PC XT (1982/11/08), PC Portable, PC AT (1984/01/10),
		or PS/2 prior to Model 30 return AH=86h/CF set
Notes:	the 1986/1/10 XT BIOS returns an incorrect value for the feature byte
	the configuration table is at F000h:E6F5h in 100% compatible BIOSes
	Dell machines contain the signature "DELL" or "Dell" at absolute FE076h
	  and a model byte at absolute address FE845h (see #00516)
	Hewlett-Packard machines contain the signature "HP" at F000h:00F8h and
	  a product identifier at F000h:00FAh (see #00519)
	Compaq machines can be identified by the signature string "COMPAQ" at
	  F000h:FFEAh, and is preceded by additional information (see #00517)
	Tandy 1000 machines contain 21h in the byte at F000h:C000h and FFh in
	  the byte at FFFFh:000Eh; Tandy 1000SL/TL machines only provide the
	  first three data bytes (model/submodel/revision) in the returned
	the ID at F000h:C000h is used by some Microsoft software before
	  trusting the floppy flags bits 1 and 0 at 0040h:00B5h.
	the Wang PC contains the signature "WANG" at FC00h:0000h. This is used
	  by Peter Reilley's portable binary editor and viewer BEAV to detect
	  a Wang PC.
	Toshiba laptops contain the signature "TOSHIBA" at FE010h as part of
	  a laptop information record at F000h:E000h (see #00520)
	some AST machines contain the string "COPYRIGHT AST RESEARCH" one byte
	  past the end of the configuration table
	the Phoenix 386 BIOS contains a second version and date string
	  (presumably the last modification for that OEM version) beginning at
	  F000h:FFD8h, with each byte doubled (so that both ROM chips contain
	  the complete information)
SeeAlso: AH=C7h,AH=C9h,AX=D100h,AX=D103h