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libc.a reference

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#include <stdlib.h>

long long int strtoll(const char *s, char **endp, int base);


This function converts as much of s as looks like an appropriate number into the value of that number, and sets *endp to point to the first unused character.

The base argument indicates what base the digits (or letters) should be treated as. If base is zero, the base is determined by looking for 0x, 0X, or 0 as the first part of the string, and sets the base used to 16, 16, or 8 if it finds one. The default base is 10 if none of those prefixes are found.

Return Value

The value.


ANSI/ISO C C99; not C89
POSIX 1003.1-2001; not 1003.2-1992


printf("Enter a number: "); fflush(stdout);
char *bp;
printf("The value is %lld\n", strtoll(buf, &bp, 0));

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