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#include <conio.h>

int     getch(void);


A single character from the predefined standard input handle is read and returned. The input is not buffered. If there is a character pending from ungetch (see section ungetch), it is returned instead. The character is not echoed to the screen. This function doesn't check for special characters like Ctrl-C.

If the standard input handle is connected to the console, any pending output in the stdout and stderr streams is flushed before reading the input, if these streams are connected to the console.

Return Value

The character.



Implementation Note

It's not safe to call this function inside static constructors, because conio needs to be initialized, and its initialization is done by a static constructor. Since you don't have any control on the order in which static constructors are called (it's entirely up to the linker), you could have problems.

If you can detect the situation when one of the conio functions is called for the very first time since program start, you could work around this problem by calling the gppconio_init function manually (this is the function called by a static constructor).

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