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P.s. Brennan soz abt stealing the page but we all need your site man, get it up soon a?, love & kisses :)

DJGPP2 + Games

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Last modified: Nov 05 1997
Table of Contents
  • DJGPP 
  • Online Documentation 
  • Programming Environments 
  • Graphics 
  • Sound 
  • Performance Programming 
  • Networking/Communication 
  • Input 
  • Misc/Tools 
  • Other Games Stuff 
  • Things Done w/DJGPP 

    Online Documentation
    The current sum of DJGPP knowledge 
    The FAQ
    Eli Zaretskii  This'll answer most any initial question you have about DJGPP, from installing it to accessing the various nifty features. As Eli put it once, it's more of an All Asked Questions list than Frequently Asked Questions. READ THIS. 
    The Lexicon
    DJ Delorie  Confused by any of the terms in the FAQ or this site? Look 'em up in the Lexicon. 
    Programming Environments
    Now that you've digested the FAQ, you might be hankering after a programming environment:
    Robert Höhne  DJGPP-specific IDE. Modeled after the Turbo C++ IDE. Yow! Now version 1.3! 
    home page 
    vi/vim and make
    Just like in UNIX. (Try ":set compatible") 
    home page 
    Graphics make the world go 'round
    "How to access the VGA"
    Brennan Underwood  Short-and-sweet/quick-and-dirty tut of how to access the VGA under DJGPP. Now with palette getting/setting code. 
    [download] 4k
    Charles Sandmann  Some example source of how to get at VBE 2.0 linear framebuffers, with both near and far pointers. 
    [download] 2k
    VESA VBE specs
    (From SciTechSoft)  Official spec for VESA VBE 1.2 
    [download] 15k  Unofficial spec on VESA VBE 2.0 
    [download] 19k
    vbe20-11.exe  The official 2.0 spec (Replica viewer for Windows) 
    [download] 553k
    JLIB 1.7
    Jon Griffiths  JLIB is a graphics library that allows cross-development between DJGPP, Linux svgalib, and X-Windows. Newly version 1.7! 
    [download] 470k
    Allegro 2.2
    Shawn Hargreaves  This is an all-in-one DJGPP programming platform. SVGA support, SB/SB16/SBPro support, GUI, compression routines, a virtual timer, FLI/FLC player, more. 2.2 has the additional features of 3d graphics routines, more Modex drivers, and bugfixes. Rejoice! 
    [download] 570k

    home page 

    Dominique Biesmans  A port of Allegro to Win32/DirectX. Neat! 
    home page 
    Xlib 2.5
    Paul Fenwick  This is a Mode-X library based on the original real-mode Xlib. 
    [download] 126k
    Mihai Cartoaje  This is a beta port of Linux's svgalib to DOS/DJGPP. 
    home page 
    Span renderer
    Brian Kelley  A port of Michael Abrash's DDJ span renderer to Allegro. 
    home page 
    Justin Frankel  A portable 3d engine with all kindsa nifty effects. Free for noncommercial use. 
    home page 
    HiRise Software  A 3d graphics library. In betatest. 
    home page 
    Ported by Phil Frisbie  An enhanced DOOM lib. Free for noncommercial use. 
    home page 
    And you gotta have rockin' sound!
    MikMod 2.09bd
    Ported by Justin Frankel  Suppports GUS and SB. Plays every kind of MOD format I have ever heard of and then some. (Including .XM) Does interpolation to whatever mixing rate you choose with 8 or 16-bit output. Shareware. 
    [download] 151k
    Joel Hunter  MODplayer/WAVplayer. Only took 1.5% CPU on my DX4-100 with 4-channel MOD playing (according to the demo) Based on VAT, originally. (This one's a bit easier to make go than MikMod.) 
    [download] 261k
    BCD v1.2
    Brennan Underwood  CD-ROM audio playing library. Swapware. Now v1.2. Works now! ;) 
    [download] 6k
    Game Music System
    Roland Acton  FM music tracker/player 
    home page 
    Petteri Kangaslampi  Complete audio system. Plays .XM's, S3M's, and .MOD's in addition to your own sound channels. 
    home page 
    See above. 
    Performance Programming
    For those of us with turbocharged souls.
    Brennan's Guide to Inline Assembly with DJGPP2.
    Brennan Underwood  The power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of extended asm. 
    [download] 15k
    Optimizations w/djgpp2
    Brennan Underwood  A little page I put together of tips & tricks for getting gcc to optimize your code well. 
    [download] 6k
    Brennan Underwood  Fixed point multiplication and division from Zen Of Graphics Programming w/o rounding in GCC i386 inline assembly. 
    [download] 1k
    Brennan Underwood  Fast inline fsqrt approximation and a fast float->int converter. 
    [download] 3k
    Various authors  The Netwide ASseMbler. Can output COFF object files if you're too wussy to learn AT&T style. Free. Also does MMX. 
    home page
    New! PGCC
    Pentium Compiler Group  An experimental Pentium version of gcc 2.8.0. Alpha 
    home page 
    John R. McCawley III  IPX interfacing routines (Thanks to Phil Frisbie for resupplying this file. Everyone mail him and tell him how cool he is.) 
    [download] 10k
    Erick Engelke  Untested. Let me know if you get it to work. Based on WATTCP. 
    [download] 143k
    WSOCK  Lets DJGPP programs communicate through a running WinSock under Win3.11 and Win95. 
    [download] 143k
    New! DZComm
    Dim Zegebart  Serial communications library add-on for Allegro. 
    home page 
    I suppose the player will want a say on what goes on in the game as well.. 
    libkb 1.01
    Markus Oberhumer  A free, low-level keyboard lib. Detects multiple keypresses, shift, control, even the pause key. 
    [download] 260k
    ported by Adrian Lopez  An unofficial port of the GrIP API. The demo definitely works on my GamePad Pro. 
    [download] 130k
    Into every list a little disorganization must fall...
    New! WinInfo
    Aanigo Soft. Prod.  A Win95/NT Info file browser. Beta. 
    home page 
    Sample Interrupt Handlers
    ZIP of 2 DJASM files, one for mouse, one for keyboard. 
    [download] 260k
    Stu Hull  Sample code and a FAQ file for djgpp v1. Might still be useful. 
    [download] 12k
    comp.os.msdos.djgpp  I recommend you read this newsgroup religiously. 
    Jean-Pierre Delprat  Object-oriented textual user interface 
    home page 
    Scott Beasley  Very simple text windowing lib. Public domain. Recently updated. 
    [download] 2k
    Mournblade's DIY
    Graham Reeds/Mournblade  How Mournblade Does Things. A 59k ZIP of text files. 
    [download] 59k
    Other games stuff
    Not necessarily DJGPP-oriented
  This is the game programming site on the Internet. They also have a DJGPP-specific section
    My programming page  With bonus links. 
    The PC Games Programmer's Encyclopædia in HTML  Highly recommended. 
    JUMBO  Some stuff here.  The main games programming newsgroup on Usenet. Read this, but less than religiously. And here's where to find the FAQ for it. Lots of other good stuff there too. 
    game programming site 
    C and C++ programming  Games stuff, too. 
    Mountain Dew  Should be self-explanatory. 
    Amit's Game programming page  Tile-based, OS/2 info 
    Floating Point's Game Developer's Resource List  Big list of links. 
    Art of Assembly Language  Randy Hyde at U of Cal RIverside has an entire ASM book online. 
    The One Stop C Programming Shop  A C purist. 
    Ben Crowder's Game Programming Page  Might have good stuff, the ads bugged me. 
    Phil Frisbie's Programming Page  Has a DJGPP port of Threedom, a free portable 3d engine, plus VPE for DJGPP as listed above. 
    Programmer's Heaven  All kinds of programming info. 
    Games and Demos and Things known to be done with DJGPP

    This section has been moved to its own page

    If you have questions not answered here (and I'm sure they're multitudinous) you can mail 'em to me and I'll try to help, or at least sympathize. I do get about 50 emails a day, so another good place to ask for help is comp.os.msdos.djgpp
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