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GCC for 8086

This is not for the average programmer. This stuff does not install easily and doesn't work well yet! Don't use unless you are prepared to fix any bugs you find yourself.

The current version is still very much EXPERIMENTAL.

I've only done this as a cross-compiler (on an SGI, no less), but here are instructions for that.

Unpack gcc- somewhere. Apply these diffs:

Create a config/i86 directory and put these files in it:

Run this: ./configure --target=i86-msdos

Run this: make xgcc cc1

This version requires NASM and djlink.

Unsupported Stuff

No 32-bit anything (longs or pointers). No "far". No float or double at all. Since djlink doesn't support commons yet, no uninitialized non-stack variables.

You're limited to 64K code + 64K data (I think).

There are no support libraries at all, nor startup code, nor standard header files.

No C++ constructors or destructors

No debugging

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