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Other write requests

The reaction to other write requests may be one of the following:

When a user program tries to write to a non-existing file, and when a compressed file with a corresponding name exists, this file is uncompressed in place (i.e. having the same name, but without the .gz extension)


This is only safe when you can guarantee that the file is not opened by several programs at once. However, once the call to the open function has returned, other programs may open this file safely. If a second program tries to open the file during the open call of the first, this second program gets a permission error.


When using this option, be careful when opening files belonging to another user, or files living in a directory where you have no write access to. Using this option in a directory without write access will result in a permission error. Using this option in a directory where you do have write access will change the ownership of the file to you, even if it belonged to another user initially.

Compressed files are not uncompressed before writing to them, and zlibc returns a "file not found" error. This is the default.

If several of these options apply for the same file, create-compressed has priority over append-compressed which has priority over uncompress-before-write.

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