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Reaction to an append request

The reaction to an append request may be one of the following:

When a user program tries to append data to a non-existant file, but the corresponding compressed file exists, zlibc translates this request into appending the compressed data to the compressed file.


This works with gzip, and might not work with other (un)compressors! This relies on gzip's feature to consider a concatenation of compressed files as a compression of concatenated files.


This is only reliable if you can guarantee that the file is not accessed by some other program while the first one has it still open, or that it won't be opened again (even by the same program) shortly after it has been closed. Delays longer than a second should be ok. Don't enable append-compressed if you expect the file to be written to by several programs at once.

Don't append to a compressed file (the user program will get a file not found error). This is the default behavior.

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