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The mode describes the behavior of zlibc in certain situations. These are:

  1. What to do when a file is accessed in readonly mode.
  2. What to do when a user program tries to append data to an existing file.
  3. What to do when a user program tries to create a new file.
  4. What to do when a user program tries to access an existing file and none of the preceding situations apply (see section Other write requests).
  5. Whether to show the size of the uncompressed file or the size of the compressed file as a response to stat (see section Size shown for compressed files).

The mode for each off these 5 situations has to be described separately. For each of these 5 situations, the scan through the class description is done until the reaction of zlibc for this situation is defined.

Reaction to a readonly request  Behavior for programs wanting to only read files
Reaction to an append request  - for programs wanting to add more data to existing files
Reaction to a file creation request  - for programs wanting to create new files
Other write requests  - for programs wanting to apply other modifications to files
Size shown for compressed files  - for programs wanting to know the size of a file

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