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1. Where to get zlibc

Zlibc can be found at the following places (and their mirrors):

Before reporting a bug, make sure that it has not yet been fixed in the Alpha patches which can be found at:

These patches are named zlibc-version-ddmm.taz, where version stands for the base version, dd for the day and mm for the month. Due to a lack of space, I usually leave only the most recent patch.

There is an zlibc mailing list at zlibc @ www.tux.org . Please send all bug reports to this list. You may subscribe to the list by sending a message with 'subscribe zlibc @ www.tux.org' in its body to majordomo @ www.tux.org . (N.B. Please remove the spaces around the "@" both times. I left them there in order to fool spambots.) Announcements of new zlibc versions will also be sent to the list, in addition to the linux announce newsgroups. The mailing list is archived at http://www.tux.org/hypermail/zlibc/latest

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