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This section describes the flags which can be used on a commands line. All these flags come in pairs.

The table below describes each of these pairs. The first word in the header of each item is the non-default flag, the second word is the default flag, and the third word is the environmental variable by which you can override the settings from the configuration files. If this environmental variable is turned on (set to 1), the non-default (first) flag is taken, if it is turned off (set to 0), the default (second) flag is taken.

disable / enable / LD_ZLIB_DISAB
The disable flag disables zlibc for the programs on this commands line. This is useful for compression and uncompression utilities. Without this flag, gunzip would not work anymore, because it would think that the uncompressed file exists already, and it would refuse to overwrite this file.

disable_child / enable_child / LD_ZLIB_DISAB_CHILD
The disable_child flag disables zlibc for the programs started by programs on this commands line. This is implemented by removeing all occurrences of uncompress.o from the LD_PRELOAD environment variable. This function is useful for programs such as xemacs, in order to make sure that all launched subprograms return results consistent with emacs itself (directory listings, etc)

readdir_compr / readdir_uncompr / LD_ZLIB_READDIR
The readdir function shows the uncompressed files (i.e. with their trailing .gz extension) when the readdir_compr flag is set, and the compressed files otherwise.

verbose / silent / LD_ZLIB_VERBOSE
When verbose is set, zlibc prints informational messages.

unlink / no_unlink / LD_ZLIB_UNLINK
If the unlink flag is set, and if the user program tries to unlink a virtual (uncompressed) file, the package translates this call into unlinking the real file. If the no_unlink flag is set, requests to unlink virtual (uncompressed) files are silently ignored.

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