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The zlibc package allows transparent on the fly uncompression of gzipped files. Your programs will be able to access any compressed file, just as if they were uncompressed. Zlibc will transparently uncompresses the data from these files as soon as they are read, just as a compressed filesystem would do. No kernel patch, no recompilation of these executables and no recompilation of the libraries is needed.

It is not (yet) possible execute compressed files with zlibc. However, there is another package, called tcx, which is able to uncompress executables on the fly. On the other hand tcx isn't able to uncompress data files on the fly. Fortunately, the both zlibc and tcx may coexist on the same machine without problems.

1. Where to get zlibc  Where to get zlibc and early bug fixes
2. Installing zlibc  How to install zlibc
3. Using zlibc  How to configure your system to use zlibc
4. How it works  The general principles behind zlibc
5. Customization  How to customize zlibc to your needs
6. Porting zlibc  How to port zlibc to new architectures
Variable index  Variable Index
Concept index  Concept Index
This documentation looks most pretty when printed or as html. Indeed, in the info version certain examples are difficult to read due to the confusing quoting conventions of info.

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