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Frequently asked questions about the Xlogmaster

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1.1 1.1. Preface

This is the introduction to a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about the Xlogmaster with answers. This article contains a listing of the questions; subsequent articles contain the questions and answers.

If you know the answer of a question is in the FAQ list, please reply to the question by e-mail instead of posting. Help reduce noise!

Please suggest new questions, answers, wording changes, deletions, etc. The most helpful form for suggestions is a context diff (i.e. the output of `diff -c'). Include `FAQ' in the subject of messages sent to me about the FAQ list.

Please do not send questions to me just because you do not want to disturb a lot of people and you think I would know the answer. I do not have time to answer questions individually and keep up with everything else I have to get done. Questions to me that have been answered before slow down development and that is bad for everyone.

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