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An fast realtime interactive fractal zoomer

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2.1.3 Fractal context functions:

Fractal context contain informations about current fractal such as formula, coloring modes etc.

Function: (formula keyword) (*)

parameter keyword specifies formula you want to use. Following keywords are supported:mand, mand4, mand5, mand6, octo, newton, phoenix and newton The formula is switched and some other fractal context variables are switched to selected formula's defaults: julia/mandelbrot mode, current view. Command works in same way as number key in ugly interface.

Function: (julia boolean) (*)

Selects whether julia or mandelbrot version of fractal will be caluclated

Function: (juliaseed float float) (* only when fast julia mode is off)

Selects julia seed (real and imaginary part)

Function: (perturbation float float) (*)

Selects perturbation value for mandelbrot version of set

Function: (plane integer) (*)

Selects plane number (same as in ugly interfact minus 1--starts with zero) I choosed numbering of planes instead of names because I was unable to find some nice, short and descriptive names for them.

Function: (incoloring integer) (*)

Selects inside coloring mode. Number works in same way as in plane command

Function: (outcoloring integer) (*)

Same as incoloring but for outside coloring modes

Function: (intcoloring integer) (*)

Selects truecolor inside coloring mode. Number works in same way as in plane command. Has effect just wjem outcoloring mode is set to 10 (truecolor coloring)

Function: (outtcoloring integer) (*)

Same as intcoloring but for outside coloring modes

Function: (maxiter integer) (*)

Sets maximal number of iterations

Function: (range integer)

Sets solid guessing range i.e how large rectangles will be filled by solid color when all four coners has same color. 0 disables this feature (increases precisity and slowes down)

Function: (periodicity boolean)

Enables/disables periodicity checking

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