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An fast realtime interactive fractal zoomer

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2.1.2 Timming functions:

This functions control animation replay speed.

Function: (usleep integer)

This function waits selected amount of time(in usec) until next commands are processed. Screen is recalculated and displayed at the begining of usleep when some (*) command were procesed in the last frame. Remaining time is spent by waiting or performing animation you entered by animation commands(see later)

Function: (wait)

Waits until screen is animated (fractal is in calculation or some filters --- like motionblur does some animation. Do not call this function when zoom, or continuous rotation is active otherwise deadlock happends. It is recomended to call it, before text subtitles are displayed, since it looks ugly when they are displayed over blocky unfinished fractal. It may look well for you but ugly for others. Also you should call it after animation is performed and before switch to another fractal happeds, since switch to fractal involves calculation, screen is stopped for a while and unfinished fractal there looks ugly. You should also call it, when you want to do something as soon as possible.

Function: (textsleep)

This function is similiar to usleep, but should be used after text subtitle is displayed. Time to sleep is calculated from number of letters displayed and letters per second value. Letters per second value should be adjusted by users, so this provides mechanizm for finetuning speed of subtitles.

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