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An fast realtime interactive fractal zoomer

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2.1 XaoS's file format description?

This section describes format used by XaoS for animations, confiugration files and saved possitions. All these files have common format, designed to be easily readable, to allow manual editing of files and converting them into another program.

I also taken a care to make it easily extensible for future versions of XaoS so I hope there will not be many incompatibilities between various XaoS's versions.

File is simple set of commands executed seqentially. XaoS does not provide any varibles/cycles as usual scrippting languages but possible future extension to scheme should be easy since format uses scheme-like syntax. Syntax of every command is:

(command_name <param1> <param2>...)

Where parameters are optional and separated by whitespace (arbitary number of spaces, tabs and enters). Parameters should have following types:

number w/o decimal point (123)
floating point number in decimal notation with optional exponent (1.23E2)
text started by apostroph '. It is used to pass various string constants like formula name ('mandel) Apostroph is required for scheme compatibility
Text inside double quotes. The only parameter that should contain whitespaces
#t for true or #f for false

XaoS supports following functions: (functions with * invokes recaluclation)

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