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3.5.4 Timer functions

Function: tl_timer *tl_create_timer (void)
Create timer structure.
Function: void tl_free_timer (tl_timer *timer)
Free memory storage used by timer structure
Function: void tl_reset_timer (tl_timer *timer);
Reset timer to current time. (time of last actication of tl_update_time)
Function: int tl_lookup_timer (tl_timer *timer);
Return time since last call of tl_reset_timer or last activation of handler.
Function: void tl_set_interval (tl_timer *timer, int interval);
Function: void tl_set_handler (tl_timer *timer, void (*handler) (void *),void *userdata);
Function: void tl_set_multihandler (tl_timer *timer, void (*handler) (void *,int),void *userdata);

Handler, multihandler and interval control functions

Function: void tl_add_timer (tl_group *group, tl_timer *timer)
Add timer to given group. Timer should be added into just one group.
Function: void tl_stop_timer (tl_timer *timer)
Function: void tl_resume_timer (tl_timer *timer)
Stop and resume timer.

Function: void tl_slowdown_timer (tl_timer *timer,int time)
Time in timer is moved back for given time.

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