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An fast realtime interactive fractal zoomer

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3.1.1 Functions

Ui uses following functions to communicate with driver:

Function: init
function that initializes driver and returns 1 if success and 0 if fail
Function: getsize (int *width,int *height)
returns size of screen(window) x and y
Function: processevents (int wait, int *x,int *y, int *buttonmask, int &keys)
gets new keyboard/mouse events. parameters:
if 1 function can wait for next event otherwise just lookup if something comed. This is usefull on multitasked os where xaos does not eats unnecesaru cpi.
here returns current positions of mouse
returns mask of BUTTON1,BUTTON2,BUTTON3 for mouse buttons
returns mask for cursor keys
1 left 2 right 4 up 8 down
function also calls ui_key(ASCII character) and ui_resize if required

note in case of problems freeing/allocating inside processevents you may call ui_call_resize that calls resize later outside this function

Function: uninit
Unitialises driver -- called before exit.

Function: set_range(ui_palette *palette, int start, int end)
This is an preffered way to set palette (second way is set_color) when imagetype is UI_C256 (256 color with palette) one of this two functions is required. In truecolor modes they are unused. In case direct access to palette is possible at your platform, define this one. Function is expected to set all color cells between start to end to colors defined in palette. Ui_palette is array of ui_rgb. Palette[0] is color for entry number start. Ui_rgb is an array of char. Palette[0][0] is red field of entry number start, Palette[0][1] is green and Palette[0][2] is blue. 0 means black and 255 means full intensity. Use NULL if your driver don't support this call.

Function: set_color (int r,int g,int b,int init)
This is an secondary way, that should be used at platforms w/o direct palette access (like X11 or static color schemes). It receives RGB value of color, and returns index of color cell with this color or -1 if no more color cells available. An init parameter is set to 1, when first entry of palette is allocated, set_color is expected to free all color entries previously allocated. Use NULL if your driver don't support this call

Function: print (int x,int y, char *text)
prints text to screen at possition x/y

Function: display (void)
displays current buffer to screen

Function: alloc_buffers (char **buffer1,char **buffer2)
allocs two buffers that can hold screen size bitmap. Also sets current buffer to buffer1. Since version 2.1 returns scanline size in bytes(usually width) and 0 if fail. This is usefull on systems, that allocated bitmap bigger than window/screen(dividable by 4 or so)

Function: free_buffers(char *buffer1,char *buffer2)
frees allocated buffers

Function: flip_buffer (void)
flips buffers -- set current buffer to other one

Function: flush (void)
This function should be used by drivers with buffered output to flush output buffers. Other driver should set it to NULL.

Function: rotate_palette (int dirrection)

function used for palette rotating. It is not required. Set to NULL if it is unimplemented in your driver.

When rotating is on this function is periodicaly called with direction attribute. It must rotate all colors 1-number_of_allocated direction steps forward except first one. This should be implemented also using cmap array in zoom_context that contains correct rgb values. So you may use ui_getcontext to get zoom_context and then set context->numcolors colors in array cmap.

Function: mousetype (int type)
This function is used to change mouse cursor. It receives following values:
This mouse is usually displayed at screen, when UI waits for user commands
This mouse is displayed when UI is busy(should be famous wait clocks) or you may use mouse defined in ui_dos -- mandelbrot set
This mouse is displayed during replay. Should be none at fullscreen drivers, since blinking mouse cursor during replay looks ugly. At windowed system disabling mouse looks ugly, so it should be some funny cursor.
You should use NULL if your driver don't support this.

Function: clrscr (void)
This function is

Function: driveropt (void)
This is an optional function (should be set to NULL) that should be used for various driver depended actions. You should use ui_menu call (see uinew.c for examples of usage) to make some driver depended menu.

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