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An fast realtime interactive fractal zoomer

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3.1 Driver API description

To port sucessfully XaoS to some platform you need:

Ugly interface is designed to make writing of new drivers as easy as possible. You need to write just few functions to fill following table: (use file ui_template for starting of writing new driver from scrath)
struct ui_driver {
  char *name;
  int (*init)(void);            /*initializing function. returns 0 if fail*/
  void (*getsize)(int *,int *);	/*get current size..in full-screen versions
                                  i.e svga and dos asks user for it*/
  void (*processevents)(int,int *,int *,int *,int *);
                                /*processevents..calls ui_resize,ui_key
                                  also returns positions of mouse..
                                  waits for event if first parameter is
  void (*getmouse)(int *,int *,int *);
                                /*returns current mouse positions*/
  void (*uninit)();             /*called before exit*/
  int (*set_color)(int,int,int,int);
                                /*alloc palette color and returns number*/
  int (*set_range)(ui_palette *palette,int start,int end)
                                /*Set palette range*/
  void (*print)(int,int,char *);/*prints text*/
  void (*display)();            /*displays bitmap*/
  int (*alloc_buffers)(char **buffer1,char **buffer2);/*makes buffers*/
  void (*free_buffers)(char *buffer1,char *buffer2);/*frees buffers*/
  void (*flip_buffers)(void);   /*prints text*/
  void (*clrscr)(void);         /*Clear screen*/
  void (*mousetype) (int type); /*Change mouse cursor*/
  void (*driveropt) (void);     /*Driver depended actions*/
  void (*flush) (void);         /*Flush current state to screen*/
  int textwidth;                /*width of text*/
  int textheight;		/*height of text*/
  char **help;                  /*help text*/
  int helpsize;                 /*size of help in lines*/
  struct params *params;        /*command line parameters*/
  int flags;
  float width,height;
  int maxwidth,maxheight;
  int imagetype;
  int palettestart,paletteend,maxentries;

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