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An fast realtime interactive fractal zoomer

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2.1.8 Text output functions

To make possible writting of commented tutorials XaoS has simple text output functions too.

Function: (text string)
Displays text to the screen
Function: (textpossition horizontal vertical)
Lets you specify possition of displayed text. You may choose from 9 possitions. Horizontal parameter should be one of following keywords: 'left, 'center, 'right and vertical: 'top, 'middle, 'bottom

Function: (message string)
Works in same way as text but uses string as index to message catalog, so it should be used for translatable tutorials.

Function: (letterspersec integer)
Lets you adjust letters per second value used by textsleep. This is not recomended to use from animation since it should be best to let user tune it for himself. This function should be used in configuration file.

Function: (clearscreen)
Clears screen...

Function: (display)
Displays fractal again. After text is displayed (or screen cleared), screen is not updated anymore to prevent overwriting of text. This is keept for compatibility with future version, where movement under text subtitles should be possible. You need to call (display) when you want to draw fractals again. It should be also used to clear subtitles (it redisplays screen with fractal)


;configure everything for the first frame
(palette 1 1163254293 0)	;custom palette
(filter 'stereogram #f)		;no filters
(filter 'interlace #f)
(filter 'blur #f)
(formula 'mandel)		;mandelbrot set
(fastmode 'animation)		;default fast mode
(fastjulia #f)			;normal mode
(cycling #t)			;enable cycling
(cyclingspeed 7)
(maxiter 276)			;higher number o fiterations
(outcoloring 0)			;no in/out coloring/plane
(incoloring 0)
(range 3)			;default range for solid guessing
(plane 0)
(usleep 1000000)		;second frame start here
(moveview -1.8101154154614007889 -8.2687205907162041209E-05)
				;just move the image
(usleep 1000000)		;thirt frame
(morphview -1.8101154154614007889 -8.2687205907162041209E-05
            6.277210971069452361E-10 6.2772109785334669875E-10)
				;10 seconds of zooming into selected rectanlge
(usleep 100000000)

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