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An fast realtime interactive fractal zoomer

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2.1.6 User interface functions:

Function: (fastmode keyword)

Image should be recalculated in two modes - fast mode, when after fixed amount of time caluclation is stopped and displayed with possibly lowered resolution and then resolution is slowly improved. Normal mode recaluclates image and displays it when finished. It also stops timming, so time spent by calclatig of image should differ in replay. (and next frames will not be replayed faster/slower to "get in time")

By default new images are caluclated using normal mode but animation is caluclated using fast mode. You can change this behaviour by specifying:

Fast mode will be disabled
The default behaviour
Use fast mode even for new images

Function: (filter keyword boolean)

Enables/disables selected filter. Keyword select filter and shoud be one of the following:

motion blur filter
random dot stereogram
interlace filter
Truecolor emulator (recommended to enable in case your images rely on truecolor, smooth grades or palette size)
wide edge detectio filter
Narrow edge detection filter

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