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Taylor UUCP

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6. UUCP Protocol Internals

This chapter describes how the various UUCP protocols work, and discusses some other internal UUCP issues.

This chapter is quite technical. You do not need to understand it, or even read it, in order to use Taylor UUCP. It is intended for people who are interested in how the UUCP code works.

The information in this chapter is posted monthly to the Usenet newsgroups `comp.mail.uucp', `news.answers', and `comp.answers'. The posting is available from any `news.answers' archive site, such as `rtfm.mit.edu'. If you plan to use this information to write a UUCP program, please make sure you get the most recent version of the posting, in case there have been any corrections.

6.1 UUCP Protocol Sources  Sources for UUCP Protocol Information
6.2 UUCP Grades  
6.3 UUCP Lock Files  
6.4 Execution File Format  
6.5 UUCP Protocol  
6.6 UUCP `g' Protocol  g protocol
6.7 UUCP `f' Protocol  f protocol
6.8 UUCP `t' Protocol  t protocol
6.9 UUCP `e' Protocol  e protocol
6.10 UUCP `G' Protocol  G protocol
6.11 UUCP `i' Protocol  i protocol
6.12 UUCP `j' Protocol  j protocol
6.13 UUCP `x' Protocol  x protocol
6.14 UUCP `y' Protocol  y protocol
6.15 UUCP `d' Protocol  d protocol
6.16 UUCP `h' Protocol  h protocol
6.17 UUCP `v' Protocol  v protocol

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