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Taylor UUCP

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5. Taylor UUCP Configuration Files

This chapter describes the configuration files accepted by the Taylor UUCP package if compiled with HAVE_TAYLOR_CONFIG set to 1 in `policy.h'.

The configuration files are normally found in the directory newconfigdir, which is defined by the `Makefile' variable `newconfigdir'; by default newconfigdir is `/usr/local/conf/uucp'. However, the main configuration file, `config', is the only one which must be in that directory, since it may specify a different location for any or all of the other files. You may run any of the UUCP programs with a different main configuration file by using the `-I' or `--config' option; this can be useful when testing a new configuration. When you use the `-I' option the programs will revoke any setuid privileges.

5.1 Configuration File Overview  
5.2 Configuration File Format  
5.3 Examples of Configuration Files  
5.4 Time Strings  How to Write Time Strings
5.5 Chat Scripts  How to Write Chat Scripts
5.6 The Main Configuration File  
5.7 The System Configuration File  
5.8 The Port Configuration File  The Port Configuration Files
5.9 The Dialer Configuration File  The Dialer Configuration Files
5.10 UUCP Over TCP  
5.11 Security  Security Issues

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