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26.2 Symbolic Modes

Symbolic modes represent changes to files' permissions as operations on single-character symbols. They allow you to modify either all or selected parts of files' permissions, optionally based on their previous values, and perhaps on the current umask as well (see section 26.2.6 The Umask and Protection).

The format of symbolic modes is:


The following sections describe the operators and other details of symbolic modes.

26.2.1 Setting Permissions  Basic operations on permissions.
26.2.2 Copying Existing Permissions  Copying existing permissions.
26.2.3 Changing Special Permissions  Special permissions.
26.2.4 Conditional Executability  Conditionally affecting executability.
26.2.5 Making Multiple Changes  Making multiple changes.
26.2.6 The Umask and Protection  The effect of the umask.

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