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22.2 env: Run a command in a modified environment

env runs a command with a modified environment. Synopses:

env [option]... [name=value]... 
[command [args]...]

Arguments of the form `variable=value' set the environment variable variable to value value. value may be empty (`variable='). Setting a variable to an empty value is different from unsetting it.

The first remaining argument specifies the program name to invoke; it is searched for according to the PATH environment variable. Any remaining arguments are passed as arguments to that program.

If no command name is specified following the environment specifications, the resulting environment is printed. This is like specifying a command name of printenv.

The program accepts the following options. Also see 2. Common options.

`-u name'
Remove variable name from the environment, if it was in the environment.

Start with an empty environment, ignoring the inherited environment.

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