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21.2 uname: Print system information

uname prints information about the machine and operating system it is run on. If no options are given, uname acts as if the -s option were given. Synopsis:

uname [option]...

If multiple options or -a are given, the selected information is printed in this order:

kernel-name nodename kernel-release kernel-version machine processor hardware-platform operating-system

The information may contain internal spaces, so such output cannot be parsed reliably. In the following example, release is `2.2.18ss.e820-bda652a #4 SMP Tue Jun 5 11:24:08 PDT 2001':

uname -a
=> Linux dum 2.2.18ss.e820-bda652a #4 SMP Tue Jun 5 11:24:08 PDT 2001 i686 unknown unknown GNU/Linux

The program accepts the following options. Also see 2. Common options.

Print all of the below information.

Print the hardware platform name (sometimes called the hardware implementation).

Print the machine hardware name (sometimes called the hardware class).

Print the network node hostname.

Print the processor type (sometimes called the instruction set architecture or ISA).

Print the name of the operating system.

Print the kernel release.

Print the kernel name.

Print the kernel version.

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