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GNU Core-utils

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19.2.2 Input settings

Ignore break characters. May be negated.

Make breaks cause an interrupt signal. May be negated.

Ignore characters with parity errors. May be negated.

Mark parity errors (with a 255-0-character sequence). May be negated.

Enable input parity checking. May be negated.

Clear high (8th) bit of input characters. May be negated.

Translate newline to carriage return. May be negated.

Ignore carriage return. May be negated.

Translate carriage return to newline. May be negated.

Enable XON/XOFF flow control (that is, CTRL-S/CTRL-Q). May be negated.

Enable sending of stop character when the system input buffer is almost full, and start character when it becomes almost empty again. May be negated.

Translate uppercase characters to lowercase. Non-POSIX. May be negated.

Allow any character to restart output (only the start character if negated). Non-POSIX. May be negated.

Enable beeping and not flushing input buffer if a character arrives when the input buffer is full. Non-POSIX. May be negated.

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