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GNU Info 4.6

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12. Customizing Key Bindings and Variables

For those whose editor/pager of choice is not Emacs and who are not entirely satisfied with the --vi-keys option (see --vi-keys), GNU Info provides a way to define different key-to-command bindings and variable settings from the defaults described in this document.

On startup, GNU Info looks for a configuration file in the invoker's HOME directory called `.info'(7). If it is present, and appears to contain Info configuration data, and was created with the current version of the infokey command, then Info adopts the key bindings and variable settings contained therein.

The `.info' file contains compact, non-textual data for reasons of efficiency and because its design was lifted wholesale from the GNU Less program, which also does it that way. It must be created by compiling a textual source file using the infokey command.

12.1 Invoking infokey  
12.2 infokey source format  

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