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GNU Info 4.6

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GNU Info 4.6


This documentation is different from the documentation for the Info reader that is part of GNU Emacs. If you do not know how to use Info, but have a working Info reader, you should read the Emacs documentation first, as it includes more background information and a thorough tutorial.

1. What is Info?  
2. Invoking Info  Options you can pass on the command line.
3. Moving the Cursor  Commands which move the cursor within a node.
4. Moving Text Within a Window  Commands for reading the text within a node.
5. Selecting a Node  Commands for selecting a new node.
6. Searching an Info File  Commands for searching an Info file.
7. Selecting Cross References  Commands for selecting cross references.
8. Manipulating Multiple Windows  Commands which manipulate multiple windows.
9. Printing Nodes  How to print out the contents of a node.
10. Miscellaneous Commands  A few commands that defy categories.
11. Manipulating Variables  How to change the default behavior of Info.
12. Customizing Key Bindings and Variables  How to define your own key-to-command bindings.
A. Copying This Manual  The GNU Free Documentation License.
B. Index  Global index containing keystrokes, command names, variable names, and general concepts.

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