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The Termcap Library

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2.5 When Changes in the Data Base Take Effect

Each application program must read the terminal description from the data base, so a change in the data base is effective for all jobs started after the change is made.

The change will usually have no effect on a job that have been in existence since before the change. The program probably read the terminal description once, when it was started, and is continuing to use what it read then. If the program does not have a feature for reexamining the data base, then you will need to run it again (probably killing the old job).

If the description in use is coming from the TERMCAP environment variable, then the data base file is effectively overridden, and changes in it will have no effect until you change the TERMCAP variable as well. For example, some users' `.login' files automatically copy the terminal description into TERMCAP to speed startup of applications. If you have done this, you will need to change the TERMCAP variable to make the changed data base take effect.

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