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GNU Smalltalk User's Guide

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3. Interoperability between C and GNU Smalltalk

3.1 Linking your libraries to the virtual machine  
3.2 Using the C callout mechanism  Calls from Smalltalk to C
3.3 The C data type manipulation system  Manipulating C data from Smalltalk
3.4 Manipulating Smalltalk data from C  
3.5 Calls from C to Smalltalk  
3.7 Manipulating instances of your own Smalltalk classes from C  Manipulating your own Smalltalk objects
3.9 Incubator support  Protecting newly created objects from garbage collections
3.6 Other functions available to modules  Handling and creating OOPs
3.8 Using the Smalltalk environment as an extension library  The Smalltalk environment as an extension library

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