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GNU Smalltalk User's Guide

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2.7.5 TCP, WebServer, NetClients

GNU Smalltalk includes an almost complete abstraction of the TCP, UDP and IP protocols. Although based on the standard BSD sockets, this library provides facilities such as buffering and preemptive I/O which a C programmer usually has to implement manually.

The distribution includes a few tests (mostly loopback tests that demonstrate both client and server connection), which are class methods in Socket. This code should guide you in the process of creating and using both server and client sockets; after creation, sockets behave practically the same as standard Smalltalk streams, so you should not have particular problems. For more information, refer to section `TCP' in the GNU Smalltalk Library Reference.

In addition, package WebServer implements a servlet-based web serving framework engine, including support for file servers as well as Wiki-style servers(10); each server is a subclass of Servlet, and different servers can live together under different paths. See the class side examples protocol of WebServer to get it up and running quick.

The server is based on the GPL'ed WikiWorks project. For up to date/more info go see http://wiki.cs.uiuc.edu/VisualWorks/WikiWorks>. Many thanks go to the various people who had worked on the version on which the server is based:

Joseph Bacanskas joeb@mutual.navigant.com
Travis Griggs tgriggs@keyww.com
Ralph Johnson johnson@cs.uiuc.edu
Eliot Miranda eliot@objectshare.com
Ken Treis ktreis@keyww.com
John Brant brant@cs.uiuc.edu
Joe Whitesell whitesell@physsoft.com

Apart from porting to GNU Smalltalk, a number of changes were made to the code, including refactoring of classes, better aesthetics, authentication support, and HTTP 1.1 compliance.

There is also code implementing the most popular Internet protocols: FTP, HTTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. These classes, loaded by the NetClients package, are derived from multiple public domain and free software packages available for other Smalltalk dialects and ported to GNU Smalltalk. Future version of GNU Smalltalk will include documentation for these as well.

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