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[ < ] [ > ]   [ << ] [ Up ] [ >> ]         [Top] [Contents] [Index] [ ? ] How do you collect and run many different test cases?

As soon as you have two test cases running, you'll want to run them both one after the other without having to execute two do it's. You could just string together a bunch of expressions to create and run test cases. However, when you then wanted to run "this bunch of cases and that bunch of cases" you'd be stuck.

The testing framework provides an object to represent a bunch of tests, TestSuite. A TestSuite runs a collection of test cases and reports their results all at once. Taking advantage of polymorphism, TestSuites can also contain other TestSuites, so you can put Joe's tests and Tammy's tests together by creating a higher level suite. Combine test cases into a test suite.

(TestSuite named: 'Money')
    add: (MoneyTestCase selector: #testAdd);
    add: (MoneyTestCase selector: #testSubtract);

The result of sending #run to a TestSuite is a TestResult object. It records all the test cases that caused failures or errors, and the time at which the suite was run.

All of these objects are suitable for being stored in the image and retrieved. You can easily store a suite, then bring it in and run it, comparing results with previous runs.

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