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You can predict the results of sending a message to a fixture. You need to represent such a predictable situation somehow. The simplest way to represent this is interactively. You open an Inspector on your fixture and you start sending it messages. There are two drawbacks to this method. First, you keep sending messages to the same fixture. If a test happens to mess that object up, all subsequent tests will fail, even though the code may be correct.

More importantly, though, you can't easily communicate interactive tests to others. If you give someone else your objects, the only way they have of testing them is to have you come and inspect them.

By representing each predictable situation as an object, each with its own fixture, no two tests will ever interfere. Also, you can easily give tests to others to run. Represent a predictable reaction of a fixture as a method. Add a method to TestCase subclass, and stimulate the fixture in the method.

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