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Screen User's Manual

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12.1 Copying

Command: copy
(C-a [, C-a C-[, C-a ESC)
Enter copy/scrollback mode. This allows you to copy text from the current window and its history into the paste buffer. In this mode a vi-like full screen editor is active, with controls as outlined below.

12.1.1 CR/LF  End copied lines with CR/LF
12.1.2 Scrollback  Set the size of the scrollback buffer
12.1.3 markkeys  Remap keys in copy mode
12.1.4 Movement Keys  Move around in the scrollback buffer
12.1.5 Marking  Select the text you want
12.1.6 Repeat Count  Repeat a command
12.1.7 Searching  Find the text you want
12.1.8 Specials  Other random keys

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