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Screen User's Manual

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11.4 Bell

Command: bell_msg [message]
When a bell character is sent to a background window, screen displays a notification in the message line. The notification message can be re-defined by this command. Each occurrence of `%' in message is replaced by the number of the window to which a bell has been sent, and each occurrence of `^G' is replaced by the definition for bell in your termcap (usually an audible bell). The default message is

'Bell in window %n'

An empty message can be supplied to the bell_msg command to suppress output of a message line (bell_msg ""). Without parameter, the current message is shown.

Command: vbell [state]
(C-a C-g)
Sets or toggles the visual bell setting for the current window. If vbell is switched to `on', but your terminal does not support a visual bell, the visual bell message is displayed in the status line when the bell character is received. Visual bell support of a terminal is defined by the termcap variable vb. See section `Visual Bell' in The Termcap Manual, for more information on visual bells. The equivalent terminfo capability is flash.

Per default, vbell is `off', thus the audible bell is used.

Command: vbell_msg [message]
Sets the visual bell message. Message is printed to the status line if the window receives a bell character (^G), vbell is set to `on' and the terminal does not support a visual bell. The default message is `Wuff, Wuff!!'. Without parameter, the current message is shown.

Command: vbellwait sec
Define a delay in seconds after each display of screen 's visual bell message. The default is 1 second.

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