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Screen User's Manual

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Screen User's Manual

This file documents the Screen virtual terminal manager, version 3.9.9.

1. Overview  Preliminary information.
2. Getting Started  An introduction to screen.
3. Invoking Screen  Command line options for screen.
4. Customizing Screen  The `.screenrc' file.
5. Commands  List all of the commands.
6. New Window  Running a program in a new window.
7. Selecting a Window  Selecting a window to display.
8. Session Management Commands  Suspend/detach, grant access, connect sessions.
9. Regions  Split-screen commands.
10. Window Settings  Titles, logging, etc.
11. Virtual Terminal  Controlling the screen VT100 emulation.
12. Copy and Paste  Exchanging text between windows and sessions.
13. Subprocess Execution  I/O filtering with exec.
14. Key Binding  Binding commands to keys.
15. Flow Control  Trap or pass flow control characters.
16. Termcap  Tweaking your terminal's termcap entry.
17. The Message Line  The screen message line.
18. Logging  Keeping a record of your session.
19. Startup  Functions only useful at screen startup.
20. Miscellaneous commands  Various other commands.
21. String Escapes  Inserting current information into strings
22. Environment Variables  Environment variables used by screen.
23. Files Referenced  Files used by screen.
24. Credits  Who's who of screen.
25. Bugs  What to do if you find a bug.
26. Installation  Getting screen running on your system.
Concept Index  Index of concepts.
Command Index  Index of all screen commands.
Keystroke Index  Index of default key bindings.

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