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3.4.2 The Match-one-or-more Operator (+ or \+)

If the syntax bit RE_LIMITED_OPS is set, then Regex doesn't recognize this operator. Otherwise, if the syntax bit RE_BK_PLUS_QM isn't set, then `+' represents this operator; if it is, then `\+' does.

This operator is similar to the match-zero-or-more operator except that it repeats the preceding regular expression at least once; see section 3.4.1 The Match-zero-or-more Operator (*), for what it operates on, how some syntax bits affect it, and how Regex backtracks to match it.

For example, supposing that `+' represents the match-one-or-more operator; then `ca+r' matches, e.g., `car' and `caaaar', but not `cr'.

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