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The recode reference manual

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Concept Index: M -- X

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Index Entry Section

Macintosh charset11.1 Apple's Macintosh code
map filling3.5 Reversibility issues
map filling, disable3.5 Reversibility issues
markup language12.1 World Wide Web representations
memory sequencing3.6 Selecting sequencing methods
MIME encodings13.3 MIME contents encodings
misuse of recoding library, error message4.5 Handling errors
MS-DOS charsets9.2 IBM's PC code
MULE, in Emacs12.8 Mule as a multiplexed charset
multiplexed charsets12.8 Mule as a multiplexed charset

names of charsets and surfaces, abbreviation3.2 The request parameter
new charsets, how to add14.2 Adding new charsets
new surfaces, how to add14.3 Adding new surfaces
NeXT charsets11. Other micro-computer charsets
non canonical input, error message4.5 Handling errors
normilise an HTML file12.1 World Wide Web representations
NOS 6/12 code10.2 ASCII 6/12 from NOS
numeric character references12.1 World Wide Web representations

outer level functions4.1 Outer level functions

partial conversion3.7 Using mixed charset input
permutations of groups of bytes13.1 Permuting groups of bytes
pipe sequencing3.6 Selecting sequencing methods
program_name variable4.1 Outer level functions
programming language support3.3 Asking for various lists
pseudo-charsets2.1 Overview of charsets
pure charset2.2 Overview of surfaces

quality of recoding3.4 Controlling how files are recoded

recode internals14. Internal aspects
recode request syntax3.2 The request parameter
recode use, a tutorial1. Quick Tutorial
recode version, printing3.3 Asking for various lists
recode, a Macintosh port11.1 Apple's Macintosh code
recode, and RFC 13457. Tabular sources (RFC 1345)
recode, main flow of operation14.1 Overall organisation
recode, operation as filter3.1 Synopsis of recode call
recode, synopsis of invocation3.1 Synopsis of recode call
recoding details3.4 Controlling how files are recoded
recoding library4. A recoding library
recoding path, rejection3.4 Controlling how files are recoded
recoding steps, statistics14.1 Overall organisation
removing diacritics and underlines8.4 ASCII without diacritics nor underline
reporting bugs2.3 Contributions and bug reports
request level functions4.2 Request level functions
request, syntax3.2 The request parameter
reversibility of recoding3.5 Reversibility issues
RFC 13457. Tabular sources (RFC 1345)
RFC 204513.3 MIME contents encodings

sequencing3.6 Selecting sequencing methods
SGML12.1 World Wide Web representations
shared library implementation14.4 Comments on the library design
silent operation3.5 Reversibility issues
single step14.1 Overall organisation
source file generation3.3 Asking for various lists
stdbool.h header4.1 Outer level functions
strict operation3.5 Reversibility issues
string and comments conversion3.7 Using mixed charset input
structural surfaces13. All about surfaces
subsets in charsets3.3 Asking for various lists
super-charsets12.8 Mule as a multiplexed charset
supported programming languages3.3 Asking for various lists
suppressing diagnostic messages3.5 Reversibility issues
surface, what it is2. Terminology and purpose
surface, what it is13. All about surfaces
surfaces, aliases3.2 The request parameter
surfaces, commutativity3.2 The request parameter
surfaces, implementation in recode13. All about surfaces
surfaces, implied3.2 The request parameter
surfaces, overview2.2 Overview of surfaces
surfaces, structural13. All about surfaces
surfaces, syntax3.2 The request parameter
surfaces, trees13. All about surfaces
system detected problem, error message4.5 Handling errors

task execution4.3 Task level functions
task level functions4.3 Task level functions
TeX files12.2 LaTeX macro calls
Texinfo files12.3 GNU project documentation files
threshold for error reporting4.5 Handling errors
time stamps of files3.4 Controlling how files are recoded
trivial surface13. All about surfaces
tutorial1. Quick Tutorial

unavailable conversions2.1 Overview of charsets
Unicode5.1 Universal Character Set, 2 bytes
unknown charsets3.3 Asking for various lists
unreachable charsets2.1 Overview of charsets
untranslatable input, error message4.5 Handling errors

valid characters in charset names3.2 The request parameter
verbose operation3.4 Controlling how files are recoded
Vietnamese charsets12.4 Vietnamese charsets

Web12.1 World Wide Web representations
World Wide Web12.1 World Wide Web representations
WWW12.1 World Wide Web representations

XML12.1 World Wide Web representations

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