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GNU Octave

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negation8.3 Arithmetic Operators
NLP21. Optimization
nonlinear equations18. Nonlinear Equations
nonlinear programming21. Optimization
not operator8.5 Boolean Expressions
numeric constant3.1.1 Numeric Objects
numeric constant4. Numeric Data Types
numeric value3.1.1 Numeric Objects
numeric value4. Numeric Data Types

Octave command options2.1.1 Command Line Options
ODE20. Differential Equations
on-line help2.3 Commands for Getting Help
operator precedence8.8 Operator Precedence
operators, arithmetic8.3 Arithmetic Operators
operators, assignment8.6 Assignment Expressions
operators, boolean8.5 Boolean Expressions
operators, decrement8.6 Assignment Expressions
operators, increment8.6 Assignment Expressions
operators, logical8.5 Boolean Expressions
operators, relational8.4 Comparison Operators
optimization21. Optimization
options, Octave command2.1.1 Command Line Options
or operator8.5 Boolean Expressions
oregonator20.1 Ordinary Differential Equations
otagsD.2 Using Octave Mode
otherwise statement10.2 The switch Statement
output conversions, for printf13.2.7 Table of Output Conversions

partial fraction expansion24. Polynomial Manipulations
patches, submittingB.6 Sending Patches for Octave
plotting14.1 Two-Dimensional Plotting
precision (printf)13.2.6 Output Conversion Syntax
printing notation1.3.3 Printing Notation
program, self contained2.6 Executable Octave Programs
programs2.7 Comments in Octave Programs
prompt customization2.4.6 Customizing the Prompt

QP21. Optimization
QR factorization17.2 Matrix Factorizations
quadratic programming21. Optimization
quitting octave1.1 Running Octave
quitting octave2.2 Quitting Octave
quotient8.3 Arithmetic Operators

range expressions4.2 Ranges
relational operators8.4 Comparison Operators
reporting bugsB.2 Reporting Bugs
reporting bugsB.4 Where to Report Bugs
results, incorrectB.3 Have You Found a Bug?
results, incorrectB.5 How to Report Bugs

Schur decomposition17.2 Matrix Factorizations
script files11. Functions and Script Files
scripts2.6 Executable Octave Programs
self contained programs2.6 Executable Octave Programs
short-circuit evaluation8.5.2 Short-circuit Boolean Operators
side effect8.6 Assignment Expressions
singular value decomposition17.2 Matrix Factorizations
speedupsA.2 Tips for Making Code Run Faster.
standards of coding styleA. Tips and Standards
startup2.1.2 Startup Files
startup files2.1.2 Startup Files
statements10. Statements
strings3.1.2 String Objects
strings5. Strings
structure elements, looping over10.4.1 Looping Over Structure Elements
structures3.1.3 Data Structure Objects
structures6. Data Structures
submitting diffsB.6 Sending Patches for Octave
submitting patchesB.6 Sending Patches for Octave
subtraction8.3 Arithmetic Operators
suggestionsB.3 Have You Found a Bug?
switch statement10.2 The switch Statement

TAGSD.2 Using Octave Mode
tests for equality8.4 Comparison Operators
tipsA. Tips and Standards
transpose8.3 Arithmetic Operators
transpose, complex-conjugate8.3 Arithmetic Operators
troubleshootingB. Known Causes of Trouble
try statement10.8 The try Statement

unary minus8.3 Arithmetic Operators
undefined behaviorB.3 Have You Found a Bug?
undefined function valueB.3 Have You Found a Bug?
unwind_protect statement10.7 The unwind_protect Statement
unwind_protect_cleanup10.7 The unwind_protect Statement
use of comments2.7 Comments in Octave Programs
user-defined data types3.2 User-defined Data Types
user-defined functions11. Functions and Script Files
user-defined variables7. Variables

variable descriptions1.3.5.3 A Sample Variable Description
Variable-length argument lists11.3 Variable-length Argument Lists
Variable-length return lists11.4 Variable-length Return Lists
variables, global7.1 Global Variables
variables, user-defined7. Variables

warrantyE.1 Keywords
while statement10.3 The while Statement
wrong answersB.3 Have You Found a Bug?
wrong answersB.5 How to Report Bugs

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