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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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Index Entry Section

names for `mktex' scripts2.2.9.2 `mktex' script names
NetBSD configure error2.6.5.5 Empty Makefiles
NetBSD shells and configure2.2.4.1 configure shells
Neumann, Gustaf1.1 History
newsgroup for TeX2.6.2 Mailing lists
NeXT sed error2.6.5.5 Empty Makefiles
NeXT, lacking X112.2.2 Kpathsea application distributions
NFS and `ls-R'3.4.1 `ls-R'
NFS CTAN access2.5.1 Electronic distribution
nomode2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
nomode2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
non-English typesetting2.2.2 Kpathsea application distributions
non-Unix operating systems2.2 Custom installation
Northwest Computing Support Center2.5.3 Tape distribution
NTG2.5.2 CD-ROM distribution
null pointers, dereferencing2.6.1 Bug checklist
numeric debugging values2.6.3 Debugging

obtaining TeX2.5 `unixtex.ftp': Obtaining TeX
obtaining TeX on tape2.5.3 Tape distribution
obtaining Web2c by ftp2.5.1 Electronic distribution
obtaining Web2c on CD-ROM2.5.2 CD-ROM distribution
OCPINPUTS4.1 Supported file formats
OFMFONTS4.1 Supported file formats
online Metafont display, spurious2.6.5.3 Unable to generate fonts
OpenWin libraries, dynamic linking problems2.6.5.8 ShellWidgetClass
optimization caveat2.6.5.4 TeX or Metafont failing
optimization, enabling2.2.4.4 configure scenarios
options for debugging2.6.3 Debugging
options to configure2.2.4.2 configure options
OS/2 support2.2 Custom installation
other TeX distributions2.5.4 Other TeX packages
OTPINPUTS4.1 Supported file formats
overview of path searching3.1 Searching overview
overview of programming with Kpathsea5.1 Programming overview
OVFFONTS4.1 Supported file formats
OVPFONTS4.1 Supported file formats

patches, Sun OpenWin2.6.5.8 ShellWidgetClass
path expansion3.3 Path expansion
path searching3. Path searching
path searching options3.5.1 Path searching options
path searching, overview3.1 Searching overview
path searching, standalone3.5 kpsewhich: Standalone path searching
path sources3.2 Path sources
paths, changing default2.2.3 Changing search paths
paths, changing default2.2.3.2 Default path generation
paths, device name included in2.2.3.1 Default path features
paths.h2.2.3.2 Default path generation
paths.h, creating2.2.5 Running make
pathsearch.h5.1 Programming overview
pc Pascal compiler1.1 History
PCL driver2.2.2 Kpathsea application distributions
PDF generation2.2.2 Kpathsea application distributions
permission denied3.1 Searching overview
permissions, directory2.3 Security
permissions, file2.3 Security
PKFONTS4.1 Supported file formats
plain.base2.6.5.3 Unable to generate fonts
pointer combination warnings2.6.5.9 Pointer combination warnings
PostScript driver2.2.2 Kpathsea application distributions
PostScript fonts, additional2.1 Simple installation
precompiled executables, instead of installation2.1 Simple installation
precompiled Unix binaries2.5.4 Other TeX packages
preprocessor options2.2.4.3 configure environment
preprocessor options, additional2.2.5 Running make
Prime Time TeXcetera CD-ROM2.5.2 CD-ROM distribution
printer configuration files2.1 Simple installation
privacy, semblance of2.6.4 Logging
problems, common2.6.5 Common problems
proginit.c2.2.3.1 Default path features
proginit.h5.2 Calling sequence
program-varying paths4.1 Supported file formats
program_invocation_name5.2 Calling sequence
program_invocation_short_name5.2 Calling sequence
programming overview5.1 Programming overview
programming with config files5.4 Programming with config files
programming with Kpathsea5.2 Calling sequence
programs using the library1. Introduction
proof mode2.6.5.3 Unable to generate fonts
PSHEADERS4.1 Supported file formats
pxp Pascal preprocessor1.1 History

quoting variable values3.3.2 Variable expansion

readable4.4 Suppressing warnings
readable4.4 Suppressing warnings
reading arbitrary-length lines5.2 Calling sequence
README.CONFIGURE2.2.4 Running configure
README.mirrors2.5.1 Electronic distribution
recording successful searches2.6.4 Logging
relative filenames3.1 Searching overview
relative filenames in `ls-R'2.2.6 Installing files
reporting bugs2.6 Reporting bugs
resident.c5.2 Calling sequence
resolution, setting3.5.1 Path searching options
resolution, wrong2.6.5.3 Unable to generate fonts
resolutions, last-resort4.3.3 Fallback font
retrieving TeX2.5 `unixtex.ftp': Obtaining TeX
right-hand side of variable assignments3.2.1 Config files
Rokicki, Tom1.1 History
root user3.3.3 Tilde expansion
runtime configuration files3.2.1 Config files
runtime debugging2.6.3 Debugging

Sauter fonts, and dynamic source creation2.2.9 `mktex' scripts
scripts for file creation2.2.9 `mktex' scripts
search path, defined3.1 Searching overview
search paths, changing default2.2.3 Changing search paths
searching for files4.2 File lookup
searching for glyphs4.3 Glyph lookup
searching overview3.1 Searching overview
searching the database3.1 Searching overview
searching the disk3.1 Searching overview
security considerations2.3 Security
sed error from configure2.6.5.5 Empty Makefiles
SELFAUTODIR5.2 Calling sequence
SELFAUTOLOC5.2 Calling sequence
SELFAUTOPARENT5.2 Calling sequence
sending patches2.6.1 Bug checklist
setgid scripts2.3 Security
sh5, ok with configure2.2.4.1 configure shells
shar, recommended2.6.1 Bug checklist
shared library, making2.2.4.5 Shared library
shell scripts as configuration files3.2.1 Config files
shell variables3.3.2 Variable expansion
shell_escape, example for code5.4 Programming with config files
shells and configure2.2.4.1 configure shells
simple installation2.1 Simple installation
site overrides for mktex... `mktex' configuration
size of distribution archives2.2.1 Disk space
skeleton TeX directory2.4 TeX directory structure
slow startup time2.6.5.2 Slow path searching
Solaris BSD compatibility, not2.2.5 Running make
source files4.1 Supported file formats
sources for search paths3.2 Path sources
special4.4 Suppressing warnings
special4.4 Suppressing warnings
st_nlink3.3.6 Subdirectory expansion
stack trace2.6.1 Bug checklist
standalone path searching3.5 kpsewhich: Standalone path searching
standard error and debugging output2.6.3 Debugging
standard options3.5.3 Standard options
startup time, excessive2.6.5.2 Slow path searching
static linking2.6.5.8 ShellWidgetClass
static linking and dlsym2.6.5.7 dlopen
string routines5.2 Calling sequence
strip2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
strip2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
stripsupplier2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
stripsupplier2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
striptypeface2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
striptypeface2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
subdirectory searching3.3.6 Subdirectory expansion
suggestions, making1. Introduction
Sun 21.1 History
Sun OpenWin patches2.6.5.8 ShellWidgetClass
supplier directory, omitting2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
supplier directory, omitting2.2.9.1 `mktex' configuration
support organization2.5.3 Tape distribution
supported file formats4.1 Supported file formats
suppressing warnings4.4 Suppressing warnings
symbolic link trees, for multiple architectures2.2.4.4 configure scenarios
symbolic links not found2.6.5.1 Unable to find files
symbolic links, and `ls-R'3.4.1 `ls-R'
symlinks, resolving5.2 Calling sequence
system C compiler bugs2.6.5.4 TeX or Metafont failing
system dependencies2.2.4 Running configure
system V universe2.2.5 Running make

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