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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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5.3 Program-specific files

Many programs will need to find some configuration files. Kpathsea contains some support to make it easy to place them in their own directories. The Standard TeX directory structure (see section `Introduction' in A Directory Structure for TeX files), specifies that such files should go into a subdirectory named after the program, like `texmf/ttf2pk'.

Two special formats, `kpse_program_text_format' and `kpse_program_binary_format' exist, which use .:$TEXMF/program// as their compiled-in search path. To override this default, you can use the variable PROGRAMINPUTS in the environment and/or `texmf.cnf'. That is to say, the name of the variable is constructed by converting the name of the program to upper case, and appending INPUTS.

The only difference between these two formats is whether kpse_open_file will open the files it finds in text or binary mode.

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