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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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4.4 Suppressing warnings

Kpathsea provides a way to suppress selected usually-harmless warnings; this is useful at large sites where most users are not administrators, and thus the warnings are merely a source of confusion, not a help. To do this, you set the environment variable or configuration file value TEX_HUSH to a colon-separated list of values. Here are the possibilities:

Suppress everything possible.

Suppress mismatched font checksum warnings.

Suppress warnings when a character is missing from a font that a DVI or VF file tries to typeset.

Suppress warnings about attempts to access a file whose permissions render it unreadable.

Suppresses warnings about an unimplemented or unparsable `\special' command.

`tex-hush.c' defines the function that checks the variable value. Each driver implements its own checks where appropriate.

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