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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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4.3 Glyph lookup

This section describes how Kpathsea searches for a bitmap font in GF or PK format (or either) given a font name (e.g., `cmr10') and a resolution (e.g., 600).

Here is an outline of the search strategy (details in the sections below) for a file name at resolution dpi. The search stops at the first successful lookup.

  1. Look for an existing file name.dpiformat in the specified format(s).

  2. If name is an alias for a file f in the fontmap file `texfonts.map', look for f.dpi.

  3. Run an external program (typically named `mktexpk') to generate the font (see section 2.2.9 `mktex' scripts)

  4. Look for fallback.dpi, where fallback is some last-resort font (typically `cmr10').

This is implemented in kpse_find_glyph_format in `kpathsea/tex-glyph.c'.

4.3.1 Basic glyph lookup  Features common to all glyph lookups.
4.3.2 Fontmap  Aliases for fonts.
4.3.3 Fallback font  Resolutions and fonts of last resort.

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