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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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3.5.1 Path searching options

Kpsewhich looks up each non-option argument on the command line as a filename, and returns the first file found. There is no option to return all the files with a particular name (you can run the Unix `find' utility for that, see section `Invoking find' in GNU find utilities).

Various options alter the path searching behavior:

Set the resolution to num; this only affects `gf' and `pk' lookups. `-D' is a synonym, for compatibility with Dvips. Default is 600.

Set the format for lookup to name. By default, the format is guessed from the filename, with `tex' being used if nothing else fits. The recognized filename extensions (including any leading `.') are also allowable names.

All formats also have a name, which is the only way to specify formats with no associated suffix. For example, for Dvips configuration files you can use `--format="dvips config"'. (The quotes are for the sake of the shell.)

Here's the current list of recognized names and the associated suffixes. See section 4.1 Supported file formats, for more information on each of these.
gf: gf
pk: pk
bitmap font
afm: .afm
base: .base
bib: .bib
bst: .bst
cnf: .cnf
ls-R: ls-R
fmt: .fmt
map: .map
mem: .mem
mf: .mf
mfpool: .pool
mft: .mft
mp: .mp
mppool: .pool
MetaPost support
ocp: .ocp
ofm: .ofm .tfm
opl: .opl
otp: .otp
ovf: .ovf
ovp: .ovp
graphic/figure: .eps .epsi
tex: .tex
TeX system documentation
texpool: .pool
TeX system sources
PostScript header/font: .pro
Troff fonts
tfm: .tfm
type1 fonts: .pfa .pfb
vf: .vf
dvips config
ist: .ist
truetype fonts: .ttf .ttc
type42 fonts
web2c files
other text files
other binary files

This option and `--path' are mutually exclusive.

After processing the command line, read additional filenames to look up from standard input.

Turn on or off the `mktex' script associated with filetype. The only values that make sense for filetype are `pk', `mf', `tex', and `tfm'. By default, all are off in Kpsewhich. See section 2.2.9 `mktex' scripts.

Set the mode name to string; this also only affects `gf' and `pk' lookups. No default: any mode will be found. See section `mktex' script arguments.

Do everything possible to find the files, notably including searching the disk. By default, only the `ls-R' database is checked, in the interest of efficiency.

Search along the path string (colon-separated as usual), instead of guessing the search path from the filename. `//' and all the usual expansions are supported (see section 3.3 Path expansion). This option and `--format' are mutually exclusive. To output the complete directory expansion of a path, instead of doing a one-shot lookup, see `--expand-path' in the following section.

Set the program name to name; default is `kpsewhich'. This can affect the search paths via the `.prognam' feature in configuration files (see section 3.2.1 Config files).

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