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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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3.4.2 Filename aliases

In some circumstances, you may wish to find a file under several names. For example, suppose a TeX document was created using a DOS system and tries to read `longtabl.sty'. But now it's being run on a Unix system, and the file has its original name, `longtable.sty'. The file won't be found. You need to give the actual file `longtable.sty' an alias `longtabl.sty'.

You can handle this by creating a file `aliases' as a companion to the `ls-R' for the hierarchy containing the file in question. (You must have an `ls-R' for the alias feature to work.)

The format of `aliases' is simple: two whitespace-separated words per line; the first is the real name `longtable.sty', and second is the alias (`longtabl.sty'). These must be base filenames, with no directory components. `longtable.sty' must be in the sibling `ls-R'.

Also, blank lines and lines starting with `%' or `#' are ignored in `aliases', to allow for comments.

If a real file `longtabl.sty' exists, it is used regardless of any aliases.

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