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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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3.3.4 Brace expansion

`x{a:b}y' expands to `xay:xby'. For example:


expands to `foo/1/baz:foo/2/baz'. `:' is the path separator on the current system; e.g., on a DOS system, it's `;'.

Braces can be nested; for example, `x{A:B{1:2}}y' expands to `xAy:xB1y:xB2y'.

Multiple non-nested braces are expanded from right to left; for example, `x{A:B}{1:2}y' expands to `x{A:B}1y:x{A:B}2y', which expands to `xA1y:xB1y:xA2y:xB2:y'.

This feature can be used to implement multiple TeX hierarchies, by assigning a brace list to $TEXMF, as mentioned in `texmf.in'.

In old versions of the library you had to use a comma. While this usage is deprecated, it is still supported for backwards compatibility with old configurations. The last example could have been written `x{A,B}{1,2}y'.

Brace expansion is implemented in the source file `kpathsea/expand.c'. It is a modification of the Bash sources, and is thus covered by the GNU General Public License, rather than the Library General Public License that covers the rest of Kpathsea.

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