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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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3.3 Path expansion

Kpathsea recognizes certain special characters and constructions in search paths, similar to that in shells. As a general example: `~$USER/{foo,bar}//baz' expands to all subdirectories under directories `foo' and `bar' in $USER's home directory that contain a directory or file `baz'. These expansions are explained in the sections below.

3.3.1 Default expansion  a: or :a or a::b expands to a default.
3.3.2 Variable expansion  $foo and ${foo} expand to environment values.
3.3.3 Tilde expansion  ~ and ~user expand to home directories.
3.3.4 Brace expansion  a{foo,bar}b expands to afoob abarb.
3.3.5 KPSE_DOT expansion  . is replaced with $KPSE_DOT if it is defined.
3.3.6 Subdirectory expansion  a// and a//b recursively expand to subdirs.

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