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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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3.2 Path sources

A search path can come from many sources. In the order in which Kpathsea uses them:

  1. A user-set environment variable, e.g., TEXINPUTS. Environment variables with an underscore and the program name appended override; for example, TEXINPUTS_latex overrides TEXINPUTS if the program being run is named `latex'.

  2. A program-specific configuration file, e.g., an `S /a:/b' line in Dvips' `config.ps' (see section `Config files' in Dvips).

  3. A line in a Kpathsea configuration file `texmf.cnf', e.g., `TEXINPUTS=/c:/d' (see below).

  4. The compile-time default (specified in `kpathsea/paths.h').

You can see each of these values for a given search path by using the debugging options (see section 2.6.3 Debugging).

These sources may be combined via default expansion (see section 3.3.1 Default expansion).

3.2.1 Config files  Kpathsea's runtime config files (texmf.cnf).

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